Conversations on Parenting
Conversations on Parenting
Open to Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents, Aunties, Uncles, Child minders & Teachers

Duration: 10 weeks
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This 10 week course is open to Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents, Aunties, Uncles, Child minders & Teachers  
10 Week Parenting Course available on: 
Tuesday mornings from 10.30am to 11.45am 
or on Wednesday Evenings from 7.15pm to 8.30pm 
A Parenting course which:
Presents ideas on parenting which are new, insightful and which bring hope around the challenges facing parents & those caring for children and teenagers.
Addresses concerns around, children not sleeping, issues with school and homework, hitting, fighting with brothers and sisters, friendships, dealing with divorce, issues around eating, social media and all the other fears parents have for their children and for themselves.
Looks at how you can deal with your own challenging behaviours tiredness, shouting, being cross and impatient, not setting boundaries, discipline, helping with homework, dealing  with feelings (their own and their children’s) 
Encourages you to care for yourself with the same generosity & enthusiasm that you care for your children.
Offers new approaches   in helping to raise children which keeps their  confidence, intelligence, curiosity, risk taking, love, ambition, open communication and  authenticity as alive at 20 as it is at 2 years old and redeeming these qualities in yourself.     
This course is about mentoring rather than advice; parents are already geniuses and just as well because parenting is rocket science.  
To present ideas which spark conversations and realisations around caring for self and children  
Learning outcomes: 
By the end of this course participants will: 
Have knowledge around how to deal with the issues that come up for their children and themselves
Begin to see how all behaviour is wise
Make sense of how children are always communicating and  adults are always communicating 
Realise the difference between protective communication and ‘real’ communication, between protective behaviour and ‘real’ behaviour, between protective caring and ‘real’ caring
Realise how feelings are friends that come to let us know what action we need to take for ourselves 
Have an understanding of how conflict is always about unmet needs 
Course Content:
Week 1: All parenting starts with self
Week 2: Family relationships and feelings
Week 3: All children are geniuses 
Week 4: Helping children become responsible
Week 5: Communication 1
Week 6: Communication 2
Week 7: Children’s challenging behaviours 
Week 8:  Children’s challenging behaviours
Week 9: Parent’s challenging behaviours
Week 10: A different kind of discipline
Two options are available for classes:
Every Tuesday morning from 10.30am to 11.45am beginning Tuesday 17th April every Tuesday until 19th June 
or on Wednesday Evenings from 7.15pm to 8.30pm beginning Wednesday 25th April every Wednesday until 25th June
If these options do not suit please email or phone with suitable dates and times and we will try to accommodate your needs. 
Tel: 07793133848Places limited to 12 people per class
£20 per class
Total £200 for ten classes paid in advance
If paid via Paypal there is a £10 administration fee applied.
Payment: Can be made in person at the first session via cash, cheque or via bank transfer (please contact for details).
Please note that if paid online via Paypal there is a £10 administration fee.
Merrion Business Centre, 58 Howard Street, Belfast, BT1 6PJ------------------------------
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