• Leadership Development & Training

    This approach involves looking at how you lead and govern yourself and others; it seeks to establish a leadership with consciousness.

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    The courses are for individuals who in work in Business, Health, Teaching, Voluntary and other organisations. One to one leadership mentoring and a ten session course for a group of managers/leaders ‘Relationship, Relationship, Relationship’ are available.

    • One to one leadership mentoring
    • A ten session course for a group of managers/ leaders entitled ‘Relationship, Relationship, Relationship’ a training course on the creation of mature relationships in the work environment.

    ‘Maturity is about coming into the fullness of your being; it is about realising your immense wisdom and power; it is about being self-reliant and inhabiting your own individuality.’

    – Dr. Tony Humphreys

    1. Introduction to Course
    2. Fundamental Points
    3. Society’s Seven Best-Kept Secrets
    4. Heads of Relationship Worlds
    5. The Importance of Boundaries
    6. Emotions Call for Motion in Relationships
    7. Communication – the Life-blood of Relationships
    8. Relationships Interrupted
    9. Individual Maturity Leads to Mature Society
    10. The Path to Individual Maturity and the Power of Relationships

    Our immense wisdom and power is never lost but aspects of ourselves get hidden, becoming conscious is about allowing those aspects to re-emerge