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    counselling and psychotherapy

    Counselling Belfast

    One of the most important things you can do to become happier is to realise what is going on within yourself . Counselling and Psychotherapy are about facilitating this consciousness about realising what the nature of your relationship with yourself is like.


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    Relationship Counselling

    Counselling Belfast

    Relationship Counselling involves looking at issues arising between two people (husband and wife, partners, friends or work colleagues).

    Relationships offer the most powerful opportunities for personal and interpersonal growth.


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    Support for Teenagers

    Counselling Belfast

    Teenagers have a strong sense of justice, being listened to and understood matter deeply to them. We provide Counselling and support for teenagers to empower them to go out into the world with a strong sense of self.


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    Mentoring for Parents

    Early language and literacy development begins in the first three years of life and is closely linked with a child’s earliest experiences of books and stories.


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    Support for Teachers

    Teachers have responsibility not only for creating and providing lessons but also for caring for their pupils and noticing any physical or emotional problems.


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    Leadership & Training

    This approach involves looking at how you lead and govern yourself and others; it seeks to establish a leadership with consciousness.


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