• Supporting Teenagers

    Teenagers have a strong sense of justice, being listened to and understood matter deeply to them.

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    Young people may sometimes be wild but they are always wise. We provide Counselling and support for teenagers to empower them to go out into the world with a strong sense of self.


    The teenage years are about starting the process of becoming independent and self- reliant. Most young people find the challenges involved in this process tough and so will find powerful and creative ways of postponing or avoiding these challenges which may seem ‘wild’ in the behaviours they present but are always wise.

    Adults may think the teenager’s behaviour is irresponsible and difficult but adults with maturity will know that something deeper is going on that needs resolved.


    Teenagers are not out to make life difficult for their parents or others, they are trying to show how difficult life is for them. With compassion and understanding, a teenager will become conscious quite quickly about what they need to do for themselves and what support they need from the adults around them.


    Teenagers may show their unhappiness by not talking, staying in their rooms, going out all the time, constantly trying to please, rebelling, drinking too much or taking drugs, not studying or studying too much. For parent's this can be perplexing and frightening and cause great anxiety.


    Parents / teachers who become defensive in their responses to teenagers’ difficult behaviours are crying out for help for themselves – they are not trying to make life more difficult for the teenager.


    The support we offer includes:

    • 10 session course for parents and teachers of teenagers
    • One to one mentoring for parents and teachers of teenagers
    • Support for teenagers themselves through courses or counselling